If you manage a team or individuals that have recently participated in Dealing with Difficult Customer Training or have attended one of our Customer Service Training Courses, here are some great tips to help you reinforce their learning back in the workplace.

  1. Create real-life Role-playing Scenarios:
    • Set up regular role-playing sessions where team members take turns playing the role of both the customer and the service representative.
    • Create scenarios that mimic real-life difficult customer interactions to allow employees to practice and refine their responses when dealing with difficult customers.
    • Encourage constructive feedback from peers and managers to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Help them identify their own M.L.D.s – what could they have done More of, Less of, and Differently during their role play
  1. Case Studies:
    • Share documented case studies detailing actual instances where team members successfully navigated difficult customer situations.
    • Analyse the strategies used in each case, highlighting effective communication and problem-solving techniques.
    • Use these case studies as discussion points during team meetings to extract valuable insights.

More tips on how to ensure training is transferred to the workplace coming soon.  Some courses which may be of interest to Customer Service Staff who too often need to handle difficult customers are:

Management Tip written by Stuart Harris – Developing People Trainer/Consultant and Customer Service Specialist