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We recognise that Developing People has a unique set of skills and experiences that work successfully for us - particularly because they provide an objective view to support and challenge us from outside the Organisation.

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Business management and leadership courses with Developing People International

We are a leading edge provider of leadership and management development interventions, talent assessment services and formal training courses.  Our aim is our strap line – ‘Developing People to Drive Performance’ and that is what we do.    

We deliver a wide portfolio of learning experiences development interventions and bespoke solutions that transform personal and business performance and enable organisations to achieve their goals.

However complex the challenge, we bring together the right people with the right skills to deliver the right interventions for you and your people and business.

We work internationally and have helped some of the world’s leading brands to develop the performance of their managers and staff.

To learn more about how we can help you to create measurable change that drives your business’ performance and growth, get in touch by calling 0800 280 2346 or via our contact us page.

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Ways to Embed the Learning from Dealing with Difficult Customers Training – Tips 3 and 4 of 10 ____________________________________________________________________ If you manage a team or individuals, or have yourself  recently participated in one of our Customer Service Training Courses, such as  De-escalation of Angry and Dissatisfied Customers or Face to Face Communication Skills for customer service staff; here are some great tips to help you reinforce their learning back in the workplace.    TIP 3.  Interactive Workshops: Conduct workshops that focus on practical exercises and group discussions rather than lecture-style presentations. Explore different techniques for managing customer expectations and collaborative problem-solving. Encourage Workshop participants to share their experiences and insights, fostering a collaborative learning environment.     TIP  4.  Feedback Sessions: Schedule regular feedback sessions where team members can openly discuss recent challenging interactions.

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