Management Training and Development Programmes

According to data recently collected by Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs, while in Western Europe the figure is 14% and 17% in the UK.  These reports highlight the widespread need for good management and  people skills across all levels of management.

Managers have a huge impact on employee engagement and ultimately business performance.   We offer comprehensive management training and development programmes that develop managers’ ability to motivate and engage, improve their personal performance and deliver  better operational and business results.

Our management development programmes are designed for managers at all levels, from front line supervisors to top executives and general managers.  Tailored to meet the specific needs of the business and managers concerned, each intensive management development programme delivers what your company needs most: outstanding managers who act consistently and drive improved business performance.

We specialise in working with organisations who are leaders in their field, and our clients include leading organisations such as Samsung, KAO Brands, UNICEF, IBM, and First Group who have all benefited significantly from our management training and development programmes.  In addition, our management training and development programmes have been delivered in both the UK and internationally, across a wide range of different cultures and languages.

Our comprehensive management training and development programmes cover topics such as:

  • Engagement and motivation – Make sure your managers engage and inspire their staff to improve operational and bottom line performance.
  • Performance Management – Ensure your managers deal with performance in a consistent manner across the business for greater accountability, and productivity.
  • Creativity and Innovation – Examining the structures and strategies that drive innovation, growth, and new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Negotiation – Drive your business’ success by ensuring managers negotiate the best deals with customers, partners, investors, suppliers, and colleagues.
  • Meetings – Maximise the use of organisational time by ensuring your managers have the right skills to maximise the productivity and outcomes from their meetings.
  • Organisational change – Make sure that your managers are able to spearhead organisational change, cultivate innovation and drive performance.
  • Finance – Ensure your managers have the right knowledge to make sound decisions, and develop budget and financing strategies that maximize performance.
  • Strategy – Give your managers a strategic foundation for expanding your market share, business operations, and global reach.

    The key features of our management training and development programmes are summarised in the diagram below and are explained in more detail in The Developing People Approach.

We are committed to supporting you long after the training programme has been delivered through comprehensive follow up support for the delegates as well as providing them with regular practical management hints and tips delivered direct to their inbox.

To learn more about our management training and development programmes and the impact they have read our Geodis case study.  Alternatively see how our other clients have benefited from our support by visiting our What Our Clients Say page.