Leadership Training and Development Programmes

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs, according to data collected by Gallup.  This figure increases slightly in Western Europe to 14% and 17% in the UK.

What does this mean for leaders in the UK as well as globally?  How much does the lack of engagement cost businesses across the world and more specifically how much is the lack of engagement costing your business?

Leaders have a huge impact on employee engagement, and we offer comprehensive leadership training and development programmes that develop leaders’ ability to motivate and engage, improve their personal performance and transform accomplished managers into outstanding leaders.

Our leadership training and development and programmes are designed for individuals at all levels, from top executives and general managers to front line supervisors.  Tailored to meet the needs of the leaders concerned, each intensive development programme delivers what your company needs most: a group of outstanding leaders who can inspire and engage people to improve the business’ performance and drive competitive advantage.

We specialise in working with organisations who are leaders in their field, and our clients include leading organisations such as Samsung, Lenzing AG, ProStrakan IBM, UNICEF, and Agusta Westland who have all benefited significantly from our leadership development programmes.  In addition, our leadership training and development programmes have been delivered in both the UK and internationally, across a wide range of different cultures and languages.

Our comprehensive leadership training and development programmes provide the opportunity for Managers and Executives to be able to:

  • Lead with greater authority and accountability, inspire others to be more engaged to build more productive and effective teams.
  • Spearhead organisational change and drive performance.
  • Develop strategies that drive innovation, growth, and new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Make key business decisions with confidence, balancing innovation with risk, and positioning the business for long-term success.
  • Help the organisation to seamlessly adapt to cultural change, economic conditions, growing competition, and rapid changes in the marketplace.
  • Work more effectively across countries and cultures.
  • Make the transition from ‘manager’ to ‘leader’.

Key features of our leadership development programmes include:

  • Programme preparation – Prior to programme design, we spend time in your business and meet with key senior managers to gain a clear understanding of the business, the pressures and challenges managers face and the outcomes required from the programme. This creates the context for the programme and enables us to deliver learning and development from an informed position for maximum impact.
  • Programme design – Our team works with key individuals from your business to design a programme that meets your precise needs. Based on the outcomes that have been outlined, our highly experienced team of trainers develop the curriculum, modules and learning materials. Every aspect of the programme, from workshop activities, case study exercises to project teams, and social events, is tailored to optimise learning and maximize the development process.
  • Delegate preparation – We provide pre-programme reading materials and self reflection questionnaires to ensure the participants are fully prepared and arrive at the programme in the right mind set.
  • Programme delivery – We believe that learning and development should begin with an immersion in ‘real world’ business problems. What this means is that nearly every concept, tool, and framework is backed up by a series of living case studies and practical examples that we’ve developed and tailored to your business.We also believe that learning and development is most powerful when it is an active and shared experience. We expect participants to mix it up with others in the learning environment, to exchange ideas and to seek support from their peers.To facilitate this we use a blend of highly interactive training, discussion, case studies and group work to stimulate thinking and develop the participants’ capability. We use accelerated learning techniques, integrated with other aids such as posters, video, skills exercises and discussion work to make the learning interesting and memorable.
  • Programme review – We measure the impact the programme has had on the performance of the business to ensure your business has gained the necessary value from the investment you have made with us.
  • Programme refresh  –Our readiness to work with you continues long after the programme finishes. In an effort to examine, evaluate, and refresh the development experience, we conduct a range of activities to generate informative feedback.  This in-depth analysis often leads to the fine tuning of various programme components and significantly improves the learning experience for successive company groups.  In addition, our commitment to stay informed about changes within your company, your strategic challenges, and goals greatly contributes to the programme’s long-term success.

We can develop your leaders to deliver a fundamental shift in the culture and performance of your business. We have the unique ability to deeply understand your business vision, strategy, and goals and to design leadership development solutions that will deliver significant business benefits.  To learn more about our leadership development programmes and the impact they have download our First Group Case study.  Alternatively see how our other clients have benefited from our support by visiting our What Our Clients Say.