Do you feel that you are in a bit of a career rut?  Find out what’s really holding you back, turn the job you have into the job you want.  Take charge of your career and get the kind of mentoring that leads to a promotion.

Some bosses just aren’t that inspiring. The good news is you don’t need an inspiring boss to be inspired – you can motivate yourself to improve your skills and set yourself goals. In order to do this you need to know what drives you personally and professionally. Ask yourself: What is it that makes me feel a sense of purpose at work and when did I last have that feeling? What made that happen? The next step is to make a career plan to set goals for your personal development and help you track your projects and achievements. Some of these might align with your role, but others can focus on exploring interests and development outside of your job description. Evaluate your own performance and ask for feedback. Ask the boss, “How do you think I presented? Is there anything I should do differently next time?”

Most successful people credit a mentor along the way, someone who has really inspired them, given them guidance and perspective.  Find yourself a mentor who will set clear and realistic development goals, help you identify and build relationships with influential sponsors and show you how to stand out in your organisation.

We all need help climbing the career ladder or career lattice. In today’s extremely competitive world, it will take you twice as long to reach your career goals without a mentor. If you reach them at all.

Unlike the old days, you can’t wait for fate to put mentors in your path. Not all companies have formal mentoring programmes, or a culture that naturally recognizes and promotes high potential employees so if you want a job, ‘YOU WANT’, make it happen with the help of a mentor who will act as a catalyst to take your career to the next level.

This quote from Sir Isaac Newton shoudl be all the encouragement needed to acrt now and find a mentor.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”

If you are new to mentoring or want to set up a Mentoring Programme for your organisation then our Mentoring Essentials Course could give you a head start