Emotional Intelligence (EQ) rose to prominence with Daniel Goleman’s 1995 Book called ‘Emotional Intelligence’ however it is still a relatively recent behavioural model but nonetheless an extremely important one. Which is one of the reasons why we have added Emotional Intelligence to our portfolio of 1 day in house courses.  We have all met academically brilliant people who are inept when it comes to social and interpersonal skills.

Our strap line is Developing People to Drive Performance, so developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a must.

The chief components of emotional intelligence—self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill—can sound unbusinesslike, but Goleman, cochair of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations, based at Rutgers University, found direct ties between emotional intelligence and measurable business results.

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the intelligence we see above the surface, but it is just the tip of the intelligence iceberg. Emotional Intelligence is increasingly relevant to both people and organisational development.  The EQ principles provide a new way to understand as well as assess a person’s potential, management style, interpersonal skills etc.  Research points to EQ as a critical factor in determining a person’s success and what separates the outstanding performers from those that are merely adequate.  Even though EQ lies beneath the surface it is by far the most significant determinant of leadership success.

Many of us lack a full understanding of our emotions, let alone those of others! It is difficult to harness the power of EQ.  We are emotional beings and our first reaction to anything will be emotional, but it is our feelings following our initial response that we need to learn to control.  Aristotle wrote, “anyone can get angry – that’s easy. But to get angry in the right way, for the right reason, at the right time, and with the right person -that’s not so easy.”    Feelings fundamentally influence our everyday lives and careers so if you would like to improve your own EQ then consider our Emotional Intelligence Course.