Will you weather the storm or sail on calm seas?  Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and can involve complex and difficult emotions.  Its management is one of the biggest challenges in today’s business world and is vital to success.  By giving your staff the skills to recognise its early indicators and resolve conflict before deep feeling and resentment develop you will improve their performance and job satisfaction.

Lingering tensions can prevent employees from working effectively together and can be detrimental to morale and business results.  Our  in house Managing Conflict course will develop the skills of delegates to effectively manage conflict allowing strategies to be developed to minimize, avoid or resolve it.  In this way conflict can be constructive and result in clarification of important problems and issues; increased authentic communication and understanding and team work and the release of emotion, anxiety and stress.

Ignoring the need for conflict management skills in the workplace can be a costly decision – conflict won’t just disappear if you ignore it, it needs to be managed.