Presentations don’t always involve standing in front of a large audience. Many meetings and pitches involve fewer than 10 people in a room where everyone stays seated while someone presents their pitch.

Having a smaller group means that it is easier to make it more conversational and engaging.

You may wish to stand for the formal part of the pitch just to add impact, and then sit down to field questions and generate a discussion.

But even when you’re sitting down, you need to be conscious of how you can deliver your best.

Make sure you are working from the same printed materials (with the same page numbers!) as your audience. Make it easy for people to follow what you’re saying by guiding them to each page and using highlights or sticky notes to emphasize important sections.

Consider bringing an item, or items, that everyone can look at together. For example, rather than showing a small picture of the new office development, unfold a large architects drawing for everyone to gather around and look at together.