Individual performance is the focus of the majority of management systems and as important as this is, it is critical to recognize and reward your team as a whole.  It is the collective efforts and behaviours of your team that will boost its performance.  As a team manager, you can support the right behaviours and boost your team’s performance by:

  • Evaluating team performance.  It is important to periodically assess and analyse your team’s collective performance by taking a close look at the progress of the team.  The focus of this appraisal needs to be the team and individual performance need not be mentioned – it’s about what the team has achieved – and can achieve – together.
  • Encouraging collaboration.  Start by praising the common behaviours that contribute to the team’s overall success instead of talking about how individuals have contributed. Address your people as a team not as a group of individuals.
  • Using rewards.  Where possible recognise your team’s hard work publically – send a departmental email – display their picture in a public place or in a company publication – give them exposure to senior staff.