Trust has an important link with your own as well as your organisations success.  Mutual trust is a shared belief between two people that they can depend on each other to achieve something that they both want.  If you think about this in an organisational context, high levels of trust will generate high levels of commitment and sustain effort and performance without the need for management controls and close monitoring.

This doesn’t just impact on internal relationships, but mutual trust will also ensure customer loyalty as the customer knows that they can rely on your word, products and services, which has been built through integrity and consistency in your company’s relationship with them.

However, trust is built up of a number of things.  For example, I will probably trust someone who demonstrates integrity but not if they are not competence in what they do – my Doctor may have a high level of integrity but if I don’t think they are competent I will not trust their advice!

Trust also extends to how we behave towards others – quite simply, if you want someone to trust you, then you need to demonstrate trust in them first.  Remember, people can sense how you feel about them, read intonations in your voice and body language therefore and will pick up any mistrust that you have of them.

To improve levels of trust in your day to day relationships with your staff, try the following:

  • Do you listen effectively? – You cannot establish trust if you do not listen to the views and opinions of others.
  • Do you disclose personally meaningful information? – By disclosing something pertinent to you, you are demonstrating to the other person that you can trust them and not tell others about it.
  • Do you empathise with your staff? – Empathy gives us insights into how others might be feeling, or why they are reacting to certain situations.
  • Are you willing to be influenced by others first?- Not having it all your own way shows that you have faith in others.
  • Are you fair and do you treat people equally?
  • Do you fulfil your promises? – Never make promises that you are unable to keep.
  • Do you ask others to do anything that you would not do yourself?
  • Do your staff know that they can count on your respect and loyalty?

Following these simple steps will help you to develop more trusting and open relationships with your staff, which will ultimately improve their commitment and motivation.