Organisations that invest in management development and training will not only find it easier to recruit quality personnel, but they will also enjoy lower rates of staff turnover.

Management training can help to improve business performance if the training is directed in the right way.  Training can cover many areas, such as leadership, personal effectiveness, managing performance developing impact and influence and team development.

There can be real benefits from investing in management training – managers can achieve significant improvement in their ability to manage conflicting demands on their time, improve the leadership of their teams, and manage change more effectively helping to improve staff morale and motivation.

There is also evidence of less direct business benefits. Regular training and development is seen as a sign of professionalism and helps to create a positive image for the organisation in its market place.

While training and development costs should be built into annual budgets, they do not need to be expensive.  For example, groups of managers may have similar development needs and a training provider can be brought in to design a programme that specifically meets their needs.  This is often more economical and more appropriate than buying ‘off the shelf’ courses.

It is important that the organisation is clear about the objectives of any management training and development.  Ultimately they should ask themselves, ‘What is it that I want to see differently from this person or group of people?’  In this way it is possible to monitor the impact of training on individual performance and also on the company’s bottom line.