Improve Your Customer Experience

Perhaps you wish to redefine your customer experience in response to a rapidly changing market place, provide a clearer point of differentiation for your business or develop specific skills and behaviours of customer facing staff.  Defining what your customer experience proposition is and ensuring that your business is able to consistently deliver that proposition, no matter who is involved or where they are located is a critical ingredient to achieving excellence.

We offer comprehensive customer experience development programmes for customer facing personnel which develop a range of interpersonal, communication and business skills  and transform them from delivering a proficient customer service to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Our customer experience development programmes are designed for customer facing personnel at all levels, from front line customer service personnel to their team leaders and managers. We tailor the programmes to meet the needs of your customer facing staff, each rigorous development programme delivers what your company needs most: a group of outstanding customer facing personnel who can improve the business’ performance and increase market share.

Businesses such as BT, DST Output, Denplan and CPI Card Group have all benefited form our customer experience development programmes. To learn more about the impact our programmes have read our DST Case Study.

Our thorough development programmes will equip your customer facing staff with the skills to::

  • Create positive and memorable customer experiences that drive business success.
  • Find creative and innovative ways to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
  • Align their behaviour and approach with your customer experience proposition.
  • Manage difficult customers and turn around customer complaints and dissatisfaction.
  • Respond and adapt to rapid changes in your market.
  • Quickly respond to performance issues to achieve greater accountability and drive a consistent and excellent customer experience.

The key features of our client experience development programmes are illustrated in the diagram below.

  • Customer Experience Needs Assessment. We start by conducting a Customer Experience Needs Assessment to uncover your buisness’ deepest concerns around how your customers experience your business.
  • Create a Customer Experience Proposition. We subsequently build a clear understanding of what your clients and customers value most and translate this into a Customer Experience proposition for your business.
  • Prepare and Design Programme. From the Customer Experience proposition we undertake an analysis to identify the gap, the skills, knowledge and behaviours your customer facing staff currently have and those they need to deliver your Customer Experience proposition. Based on this analysis we design a programme consisting of a range of development interventions  that will bridge the garp.
  • Deliver Customer Experience Programme. To ensure the participants on our programmes arrive with the right ‘mind set’ we provide them with reading materials and exercises that need to be completed before they start. To make certain that the participants gain the most from their learning experience we ensure that Customer Experience concepts, tools and frameworks are backed up by a series of real living case studies and practical examples that we have tailored for your business. We also use a blend of highly interactive training, groupwork and case stuidies to challenge the participants and make their learning stick.
  • Impact Assessment. After the programme has been completed we assess the impact the programme has had on your Customer Experience proposition to ensure your business has acheived the outcomes it desired.

To learn more about our customer experience development programmes and the impact they have read our DST Case Study. Alternatively see how our other clients have benefited from our support by visiting our What Our Clients Say page.


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