Identify And Understand Your Talent

Perhaps you need to assess your organisation’s talent ‘bench strength’, or more specifically assess a group of managers for promotion or select the best candidate for a role.  Understanding and assessing talent is a critical ingredient to achieving excellence. The ability to strategically assess the talent you have, and the talent you need, is integral to meeting and exceeding your organisation’s goals.

Whatever talent identification and assessment needs you have in your organisation, our best practice processes and approach allow you to independently assess and benchmark your talent for a range of recruitment, development, promotion and planning purposes.

We have significant experience of working with clients globally, and organisations such as Lenzing AG, Go Ahead, FirstGroup, Chichester College, and Agusta Westland have all benefited significantly from our talent assessment solutions.

Our comprehensive talent assessment solutions enable you to:

  • Identify the core criteria and success profiles to align and integrate the appropriate talent with your specific business needs.
  • Independently assess your current talent against the core criteria and provide actionable feedback to improve performance.
  • Select the right candidates for recruitment and promotion purposes.
  • Benchmark the performance and capability of your talent against similar organisations and best practice standards.
  • Quickly identify your talent gaps and forecast future needs.
  • Understand in detail how to align talent performance with the business’ direction.

The key features of our assessment processes and programmes include:

  • Initial preparation – Prior to assessment process design, we spend time in your business and meet with key managers to gain a clear understanding of the business, its direction and the core criteria and success profiles required for your specific business.  Typically we identify criteria in four key areas around: future potential, innate intelligence, personal values and role specific competencies.
  • Assessment process design – Our team works with key individuals from your business to design an assessment process that meets your precise needs. Based on the criteria and success profiles that have been outlined, our highly experienced team of assessors identify the most appropriate and robust assessment methods and develop any specific assessment tools needed.
  • Assessment of talent candidates  – Typically we split the assessment process into two parts.  The first requires the talent candidates to complete a series of assessments remotely and in their own time.  This is followed by a challenging and intense one day assessment centre during which the talent candidates undertake a series of timed individual and group activities and scenarios.
  • Senior Management Feedback – We provide feedback to you and your senior managers on the outcomes from the assessment process, our assessment of your talent gaps, forecast future needs and recommendations on how to align talent performance with the business’ direction.
  • Individual Talent Candidate Feedback – We provide each candidate with actionable feedback on how they can develop their performance and align it with the business’ needs.
  • Assessment process review – We review the impact the talent assessment process has had on the performance of the business to ensure it has delivered the necessary value from the investment the business has made with us.

To learn more about our talent assessment programmes and the impact they have read our Agusta Westland case study.  Alternatively see how our other clients have benefited from our support by visiting our What Our Clients Say page.

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