Develop the Performance of your Leadership Teams

Develop the Performance of your Leadership Teams

Perhaps you have a leadership or management team who are seeking to improve their performance, deliver a challenging change programme, or prepare a new strategic direction for your business.

We deliver extensive leadership team development interventions that generate greater cooperation, eliminate interpersonal conflict and competition, improve team performance and effectiveness, and transform proficient management teams into exceptional leadership teams.

Our leadership team development interventions are designed for teams of leaders at all levels, from front line management teams to top executive leadership teams.   We tailor our interventions to meet the needs of the organisation and leadership team concerned.  They are challenging and focused on delivering what your organisation needs most: a team of outstanding leaders who united and together deliver greater competitive advantage and improve the business’ bottom line. 

Many of our clients, such as Manpower, Geodis and Lenzing AG are global organisations, and their leadership teams have benefited significantly from our team leadership and team development interventions.

Our extensive team leadership development solutions enable leadership teams to:

  • As a unified team, spearhead organisational change that drives organisational performance.

  • Develop and agree new business strategies together that drive growth, and deliver new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Lead with greater transparency and accountability to deal with challenges faced by the organisation.

  • Support the organisation to seamlessly adapt to cultural change, economic conditions, growing competition, and rapid changes in the marketplace.

Key features of our team leadership development solutions include:

  • Initial team appraisal – We start by conducting an initial team appraisal to uncover your leadership team’s underlying issues, challenges, and concerns.  This is an integral part of the process as it encourages buy-in from all team members.
  • Custom intervention design – We then work with key individuals from your business to design a programme of team development interventions that meets the precise needs of the leadership team concerned.  All team development activities whether they are experiential, practical, social or charitable are tailored to optimise the team’s learning and maximise the development process.

  • Development programme delivery – We have a range of team development activities that we use.These range from practical work based activities focussed on improving interactions and effectiveness and reducing conflict and competition, to charity based team development events, where we work in partnership with a charity to provide a creative and challenging team working experience.

  • Final team appraisal – We measure the impact the development programme has had on the performance of the leadership team to ensure your business has gained the necessary value from the investment you have made with us.

Finally, we wish to continue working with you long after the team development programme had been delivered. We use a range of activities to generate informative feedback which allows us to examine, evaluate, and refresh the team development experience.  By conducting an in depth analysis, we can fine tune any aspects of the programme and significantly improve the learning and development experience for other company teams.  In addition, our commitment to stay informed about changes within your organisation, your strategic challenges, and goals greatly contributes to the long-term success of other programmes.

To learn more about our leadership team development programmes and the impact they have had read our Manpower case study.  Alternatively see how our other clients have benefited from our support by visiting our What Our Clients Say page.

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