How to Network Face to Face!

Course Aims:

This course will equip participants to go into face-to-face networking events with the skills, confidence and capability to make new contacts and expand their networks easily and comfortably.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Enter face-to-face networking events feeling confident and energised
  • Introduce themselves confidently
  • Create engaging conversations
  • Have a reason to follow up
  • Be able to continue to expand their networks


  • 1/2 day/In house or consultant facilitated virtual training session

Course Contents:

  • Being clear about our purpose of attending an event
  • Thinking about what other attendees might want
  • Thinking about what other attendees might be feeling
  • What do you say after you say hello?
  • The easy art of small talk
  • Getting a conversation started
  • Opening gambits
  • Creating rapport
  • To be interesting be interested!
  • How questions make the best conversations
  • How to respond and what to say

a great conversation going

  • Finding points of mutual interest
  • Searching out other people’s need and wants
  • Who else do YOU know?
  • How else could you help?
  • Looking for commonalities
  • Who do you know who …?
  • The strength of weak ties
  • The power of six connections
  • Confident plans
  • Willingness to try
  • Creating support networks
  • Networking plans


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