Brilliant Sales Presentations - Module 2

Course Aims:

Our Brilliant Sales Presentation Skills Training is delivered in two 1 day ‘modules’, these can either be delivered stand alone or together as one programme.

Module 2 – Delivering in a Dynamic and Persuasive Style.  The overall purpose of the second module is to teach key strategies and techniques that will increase the delegates’ natural influence, giving them a professional impact. This includes advanced body language, voice coaching and interaction skills to keep people engaged. 

Course Objectives:

The delegates will leave the first module with:

  • Professional sales presentation skills bringing their presentation to life in a new compelling manner.
  • Body language and voice skills for impact, influence and persuasion.
  • Greater confidence and techniques to manage nerves and apprehension.
  • Practical hints and tips for managing the audience.
  • A DVD recording of their presentations that they can review in private.
  • A workbook and personal development plan to put everything into practice for lasting success.


  • 1 day/In house

Course Contents:

  • What makes people say ‘yes’
  • Pyramid of influence
  • What is personal presence?
  • Gaining and holding attention
  • Developing a powerful voice and tone
  • Influential and persuasive body language
  • Avoiding distracting and irritating behaviour
  • Script preparation
  • Use of persuasive words and phrases
  • Avoiding jargon
  • Demonstrating confidence
  • Effect of nerves on voice / body language
  • Tips for managing nerves
  • Breathing and voice exercises
  • Reading the audience
  • Tips for encouraging audience participation
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Gaining buy in from difficult or disruptive people
  • Practical presentation practice
  • Video recording and feedback
  • Transferring learning back to the workplace


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