Brilliant Sales Presentations - Module 1

Course Aims:

Our Brilliant Sales Presentation Skills Training is delivered in two 1 day ‘modules’, these can either be delivered stand alone or together as one programme.

Module 1 – Preparing Compelling Content.  The overall purpose of the first module is to teach the delegates to script everything they say with a compelling and simple ‘story-telling’ structure, supported by high impact visual aids.

Course Objectives:

The delegates will leave the first module with:

  • Compelling scripting skills that they can apply immediately making everything they say more engaging and memorable.
  • A clear understanding on how best to use PowerPoint and other audio-visual aids to maximise the impact of their presentation.
  • Practical tips – key presentation ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’.
  • A workbook and personal development plan to put everything into practice for lasting success.


  • 1 day/In house

Course Contents:

  • How sales presentations work
  • Making a presentation in 30 seconds
  • Putting across a clear message
  • Planning before the event
  • Key areas to consider
  • Identifying and engaging the audience
  • Understanding diversity
  • Connecting with people from all cultures and backgrounds
  • Creating a great opening impression
  • Being engaging and memorable
  • Structuring the presentation
  • Preparing the script
  • Pre reading and supporting materials
  • Creating engaging and interesting slides
  • Common pitfalls
  • Practical ‘do’s and don’ts’
  • Avoiding ‘Death by PowerPoint’
  • Using other presentation aids
  • Delegates prepare a short presentation
  • Delegates receive feedback on content, structure and scripting etc.
  • Transferring learning back to the workplace


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