Advanced Negotiation Skills

Course Aims:

This course is designed to help those with some experience of negotiating who want to develop their negotiation skills to take them to a more advanced level. 

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Set up the right negotiation with the right prospective customers
  • Design value creating deals for their customers and their organisation
  • Use a range of tools to solve problems when negotiation ‘at the table’
  • Use the above to influence the bargaining process in a variety of ways to enhance success for the benefit of the organisation and your customers
  • Handle difficult negotiations more confidently.


  • 1 day/In house or consultant facilitated virtual course / online training session(s)

Course Contents:

  • Introductions and road map for the day
  • Negotiation challenges


  • Set up
  • Deal designs
  • Tactics




  • Understanding all the parties
  • Getting the interests right
  • Ensuring price doesn’t bulldoze interests
  • Positions Vs Interests
  • The ZOPA and no deal options


  • Organisation relevant negotiation Set Up exercise


  • Sources of value
  • Creating value
  • Using difference



  • Design Value Creating Deals exercise


  • Framing your ZOPA
  • Tools to use in the Negotiation ‘Dance’
  • Ask, Listen, Listen
  • Foster a Productive Negotiation


  • At The Table Tactics exercise
  • Transferring learning back to the workplace 


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