Inspirational Leadership and Presenting

Course Aims:

This course will help leaders develop approaches that help them inspire and engage their teams, their customers and other stakeholders in a range of situations. It will help them build followership, commitment and buy-in.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course delegates will:

  • Better understand what makes an Inspirational Leader.
  • Know which traits of Inspirational Leadership they can develop.
  • Be able to Structure an Inspirational Message. 
  • Understand a range of methods to persuade, influence and engage stakeholders. 
  • Have increased their confidence in delivering high impact presentations and messages.


  • 1 day/In house or consultant facilitated virtual course/online training session(s)

Course Contents:

  • What are the characteristics of great leaders?
  • How do you measure up?
  • Creating and maintaining impact as a leader
  • What makes a great presentation?
  • Characteristics of high impact /influential speakers
  • Presenting all of the time:
  • “Staying present” and “powerful conversations”
  • The 7 key elements of great presenting
  • 4 -steps to help you PEAK 
  • Understanding your audience
  • Psychology of presenting
  • Taking control of the stage
  • Techniques for building confidence
  • Methods of persuading
  • The Structure of an Inspirational Message
  • Past Present Future
  • Do not rehearse in front of your audience
  • Time to rehearse
  • Delivering a 2-minute inspirational message
  • Practice and immediate feedback for improvement
  • Transferring learning back to the workplace


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