Coaching in the Moment 2 - Reviewing a Performance Experience or Piece of Work

Course Aims:

This course is appropriate for any level of management and you will see results immediately.

People learn, grow, and improve exponentially when they are able, are given the opportunity, and are motivated, to effectively reflect on their practice and performance. This leads to much more powerful learning, skills development, adaptability, and personal confidence. It is also a key component of emotional intelligence.

Neuroscientific research has shown how our brains react to ‘feedback’ by initially going into – and sometimes staying in – a threat response. Managers who understand and can guide this response towards growth – who know how to help people skilfully reflect and learn after an experience or incident – dramatically improve their team’s capability and capacity. Their staff feel more valued, and engaged with the work they do, and are more proactive towards the challenges and opportunities they face.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of psychological safety and how this is key to helping a person review their performance
  • Put into practice using the reflective feedback conversation model


  • Half or full day/In house or consultant facilitated virtual course/online training session(s)

Course Contents:

  • The Neuroscience of Feedback and Reviews.
  • Stop Giving and Start asking for feedback
  • Psychological Safety and the SCARE model.
  • How our brains react to and can perceive  feedback as ‘threat’
  • How to elicit and use a growth mindset when reviewing performance and to encourage reflection
  • Introduction to the Reflective Feedback
  • Conversation model for in-depth reviews or debriefing a piece-of-work, event, or incident.
  • Practice session

  • Transferring learning back to the workplace