Media Skills

Course Aims:

To equip delegates to deal with the media, to make the most of the opportunities presented to them. To learn how to create the story that will grab the headlines, spin any message to their advantage and grow in confidence. 

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Manage crisis or simply deliver a message to boost or protect their company image and brand
  • Tap into the expertise of our trainers who have more than 20 years of international experience working in print, radio and TV with the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky TV
  • Have the skills to deliver concise and compelling answers
  • Understand how to manage nerves and increase their confidence


  • 1 day/In house or consultant facilitated virtual  course / online training session(s)

Course Contents:

  • What are your needs?  The course will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the delegates
  • What makes a compelling message?


  • How to steady the nerves and stay on message
  • Explore your agenda and how to create the story
  • Explore the journalist’s agenda
  • Learn how to work their agenda to your advantage
  • How to prepare for the most difficult questions



  • How can you positively raise your company’s profile and reach new customers?
  • Become industry leaders and ‘the go to’ experts
  • Craft the perfect sound-bite
  • What not to do and the pitfalls
  • Turning the negative into a positive



  • Get briefings and interview practice
  • Have a go and watch yourself on tape
  • Get valuable feedback on what’s working 



  • Build on your strengths
  • Have fun experimenting with your style and honing it


  • Learn how to appear confident but also be confident
  • Get insider knowledge from experienced journalists 
  • Transferring learning back in the workplace


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