UNICEF is one of the world’s leading charities with the mission to protect children’s rights throughout the world.

Their Headquarters and most of their staff are based in Farringdon, London offices where they have recently re-located their Finance & Accounting functions from Billerickey.

Their organisation is facing increasing competition for scarce funds, from other charities working aggressively in the marketplace.

Their NEED was to equip their managers at all levels to proactively and positively manage change within the context of a broader management development programme whilst also working within the values enshrined in their “Common Approach”. They approached Developing People to design and deliver this Change Management Module in a consistent way to 3 Tiers of Managers.

We provided an objective, external approach to this subject using our experience and expertise gained from supporting change across various organisations and industry sectors blended with a quickly assimilated understanding of the unique UNICEF culture and approach.


What was the impact of our work?

  • Helped different tiers of managers to link their change initiatives and approaches.
  • Provided a balanced approach to achieving change initiatives through consultation with staff and took account of different individuals skills and needs.
  • Enabled staff to take individual responsibility for any change affecting them and their job roles.
  • The change management programme has up-skilled the Managers, prepared them to manage change with their Common Approach which allowed them to sit back and evaluate their change management plans.