Tourism South East

Tourism South East is the Tourist Board that promotes tourism in the South and South East Region of the UK. It was formed from the merger of two originally independent Tourist Boards, one operating out of Tonbridge Wells and the other out of Eastleigh, Hampshire.

The overall benefit to the organisation was that it was able to concentrate on managing the integration of its two separate units into one, whilst maintaining its focus on its core business, secure in the knowledge that its HR Management principles and practices were being effectively and efficiently developed and implemented.

We provided the following strategic and operational HR support service for them:

  • Developed and implemented a new HR strategy.
  • Guided the management team on TUPE and redundancies.
  • Helped to close the Tonbridge Wells Office and merge the two management teams.
  • Developed the new management structure and teams.
  • Helped to assess and improve the motivation and utilisation of staff.
  • Updated and harmonised employee terms and conditions and the company handbook.
  • Mediated in grievances and appeals.
  • Helped build a new culture.
  • Prepared the leadership and management team to restructure the business.
  • Led the recruitment process and profiled ideal candidates.

What was the impact of our work? 

  • The merger was completed effectively and on time.
  • A leaner, more efficient management team and structure emerged.
  • The successful transfer of key employees.
  • A new culture was developed.
  • Tourism is flourishing in South East.
  • New funding was successfully achieved.