The Marketing Store

The Marketing Store worldwide is a global marketing and sales promotion company. They help global brands develop, market, promote and sell their products and services to customers throughout the world. They work with key clients such as MacDonalds, Frito Lay, and Vodafone.

They started off as a small partnership based in Hertfordshire and after 11 years of highly creative and successful growth they were acquired by the privately owned Harvi Group and are now a multi-million dollar worldwide Marketing Operation – but all based on the original unique Marketing Store brand and approach.

The business had identified that it needed a HR and management training partner to work closely with them to develop and build the strength and creative energies of their people. We did this over a period of 8 years – helping them to grow prior to their acquisition, and we continue to coach and guide some of their Executives within the global management structure.

We have worked with them to:

  • Coach and guide the original Owners to prepare them and the business for a successful sale.
  • Provided valuable Non – Executive Director support for them to develop their People and Business Strategy over 5 years.
  • Improve their infrastructure and people processes.
  • Develop leaders and teams in their various business units.
  • Introduce a more proactive business approach.
  • Work with key account management teams to improve business performance and profitability.
  • Help them to build and differentiate their brand.

What was the impact of our work?

  • TMS is now a truly Global Organisation operating within the Harvi Group.
  • TMS retains its brand name.
  • The business has grown revenue and profitability five fold.
  • The organisation has much improved leadership and business management skills.