Sparsholt College

Sparsholt College is recognised locally, regionally and nationally for providing outstanding specialised Further Education in land environment, sports academies and sustainable technology.  Its 450 acre campus is set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside and is one of the formost land based F.E. Colleges in the UK.  It merged with Andover College, a local City Centre College in 2007.

It has been faced with the challenge of integrating these two very different College environments and keeping their development and achievements in step whilst still recognising and valuing the differences and traditions of each.

Achieving this progress within an uncertain and changing external environment and prevailing economic and financial pressures whilst effectively coordinating and managing cross College functions and activities is the big challenge. However the College rose to this challenge and has increased full time enrolment by 77% from 2007/8 to 2013/14.

The College identified a number of aspects of the culture of the merged College that would need to change if it is to achieve its vision of “Excellence”. It therefore embarked on the following Culture Change Projects as part of this Journey towards Excellence:

  • Strategic Leadership Team Development
  • Re-defining its VALUES
  • Middle management leadership and development management
  • Coaching for key people
  • All Staff Conference Event
  • Implementing the “Learner Voice” concept
  • Promotion of a “One team – one College” ethos across the College

Developing People have been instrumental in guiding and facilitating the College management team along this Journey to Excellence.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Greater clarity on the College’s vision, values and objectives.
  • Balancing strategic priorities with operational requirements.
  • More motivated and effective staff.
  • Improved staff satisfaction.
  • A coordinated, sharing one team approach.
  • Better recruitment, attendance and achievement of students.

“Thank you for your hard work commitment and importantly your understanding of our organisation that makes our work together a success. I enjoy our partnership and because of your facilitation it feels like “our College doing it to ourselves.”

Tim Jackson, Principal