Samsung Electronics is a global information technology leader, whose offerings include key mobile telecommunications products such as smartphones and tablets, as well as computing equipment and home appliances (for example, TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines).

The business has set itself ambitious targets as part of its ‘Vision 2020’, to achieve annual sales of US$ 400 billion, and become a global top 5 brand.  In addition it has an ambition to become one of the world’s top 10 workplaces, and be a global enterprise that attracts the world’s best talent.

The European business recognised the importance of leadership in the successful delivery of Samsung Electronics’ 2020 Vision and came up with their Leadership 2020 concept which would be a programme of development interventions that would be aimed at developing the skills and capabilities of its key managers from the European Telecommunications, Media Solutions and Design divisions. 

Developing People International was selected as Samsung’s partner to design and deliver the Leadership 2020 programme.  We developed and delivered a comprehensive programme which included the following key features:

  • A fully tailored leadership development programme to develop specific skills in the areas of leadership, coaching, crucial conversations, influence, creativity and Innovation, and leading team and business meetings.
  • Pre and post programme questionnaires to evaluate learning outcomes and measure return on investment.
  • Inclusion of the FACET 5 personality profile to help the managers understand their personal leadership style and how they could interact with and influence others more effectively
  • Two challenging and rewarding development interventions with the Prince’s Trust Charity.The first developed the delegates’ practical coaching and crucial conversation skills through 1 to 1 mentoring sessions with young people on the Prince’s Trust World of Work programme.The second developed the delegates’ creative thinking skills by raising significant funds for the Prince’s Trust in their Zero to Hero Programme.
  • A blended development programme of highly interactive training, discussion, case studies and group work.
  • High quality four colour workbooks that built into a comprehensive learning and development library for each manager.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Provided benefits to the managers who completed the programme, Samsung Electronics as well as the Prince’s Trust
  • Managers with the tools and techniques needed to drive better business results and deliver Samsung’s 2020 Vision.
  • Improved engagement and performance of staff.
  • More consistent approach to leadership and management across Europe.
  • Greater collaboration between European divisions delivering better solutions for customers.
  • Young people on the Prince’s Trust World of Work Tour were given practical advice, guidance and skills to prepare CV’s and handle job interviews confidently.
  • A significant amount of money was raised which was sufficient to fund between 30-40 young people on a Prince’s Trust enterprise programme.