S C Johnson

S C Johnson’s products are used in households across the globe. They include famous brands such as Pledge, Sparkle, Mr Muscle and Brillo.

The business promotes itself as a “great company to work for” and prides itself in having policies and programmes that set and meet high workplace standards.

In line with their workplace philosophy, S C Johnson wanted to improve the standard of team work in the Shared Service Centre (SSC). However they wanted a practical work based approach and not an “outdoor style” team challenge.

To achieve S C Johnson’s aims, we developed an approach based around the Team Management Systems Psychometric profile. The instrument gives valuable insights into the way people prefer to work in a team, as well as their communication, decision making and leadership styles.

Each manager was initially asked to complete an online questionnaire and an individual profile was produced based on the answers given. Each individual profile was then put together to form a “team picture”.

We subsequently facilitated a number of feedback and team development workshops which examined:

  • The characteristics of high performing teams.
  • The natural strengths and weaknesses of the Shared Service Centre team.
  • The impact of the above on the Shared Service Centre’s vision and targets.
  • What actions were needed at both an individual and team level to deliver their vision and targets.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Greater clarity and focus on the actions needed to achieve the Shared & Service Centre’s (SSC) vision and goals.
  • Improved appreciation of different team members’ preferences and working styles.
  • More effective and productive working relationships between the SSC managers.
  • Greater understanding by team members of their responsibilities to improve team work.