Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council is a unitary authority managing the infrastructure and services for the residents of this vibrant sea coast city.

Developing People have worked closely with them to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their key Housing Service.

The needs of our client were:

  • Improve the leadership strategy
  • To plan and manage customer projects more effectively in a consistent way across the business.
  • To improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Improve people management, motivation and employee performance.

We helped Portsmouth City Council to improve their performance by providing the following services to their Housing Management and Group H.R. teams:

  • Coaching
  • Leadership and Management development
  • Profiling for recruitment
  • Assessment and development
  • Staff training
  • HR Strategy & Support

What was the impact of our work?

  • Clear business development strategy and plans.
  • Better leadership and management of the service.
  • Improvement in customer service and efficiency.
  • Portsmouth City Council in the GOSE top 10 local Authorities.