Manpower is the UK’s leading recruitment expert, providing staffing services across varied skills to both the public and private sector. The business operates in 72 countries and provides individual service to 2.5 million employees worldwide.

The business wished to use one of the quarterly Lead Team meetings (consisting of 50 most senior managers) to do something different by taking the team outside the ‘classroom environment’ and giving them an outdoor and charity based challenge that would further enhance team work and leadership behaviour.

To achieve this we organised a 1 day event with the National Trust at their Hare Hill property. The purpose of the event was for the Lead Team to complete a number of tasks that contributed to the overall core purpose of the Trust, and transfer what was learned back to Manpower. In this way we ensured that the event had its ‘roots’ in the organisation, but also delivered tangible benefits for the National Trust.

We organised a semi competitive event where 4 teams were tasked to complete a range of conservation as well as business related activities. To be successful the teams had to work both at their own ‘individual’ team level as well as at the Lead Team level to achieve the overall objectives of the event.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Improved cooperation, understanding and team work between Lead Team members.
  • The event built on what had already been achieved and provided a platform for further development.
  • Valuable conservation work was completed for the National Trust.
  • It contributed towards Manpower’s corporate social responsibility objectives.

“The Leadership Event was very successful for us. Developing People took us outside of our usual environment and challenged us as a team which was very beneficial as it helped us to improve how we work together. “

Krissie Davies, Operations Director