Lenzing is the largest cellulose fibre manufacturer in the world. The fibres go into a range of textiles that are used in consumer, automotive and medical applications.

The organisation employs over 7000 people across a number of sites in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, China, Indonesia, India, the UK and US.

The Lenzing Group needed a more consistent approach to manage the performance of their staff globally, across a broad range of diverse cultures and countries. We subsequently worked with the Global HR Function and Board to implement a pragmatic approach to managing performance globally; the key elements were:

  • Clear targets and expectations aligned to business goals and principles.
  • A simple and practical mechanism for reviewing targets and performance.
  • A web based 360° feedback system to gauge the views of an individual’s performance from their managers, peers and staff.
  • Training for managers to enable them to use the new process effectively.
  • A monitoring process to ensure consistency and fairness.

What was the impact of our work?

Our work provided Lenzing with a number of benefits including:

  • A more consistent approach to performance management across a range of different countries and cultures.
  • A catalyst for change and performance improvement amongst the Board and Senior Business Leaders.
  • Clearer focus and direction for Business leaders and key Managers.
  • A mechanism for early identification of talent globally.

“Developing People provided us with the necessary challenge, advice, guidance and training and development support to help us grow and develop our managers and staff globally and improve their performance.”

Mike Proctor, Global HR Director