KAO Brands

KAO Brands is an international business providing premium beauty products for skin care and hair care to women around the globe. The business has a passion for transforming women’s lives through beauty,wherever they live in the world. The business owns premium beauty brands such as Jergens®, Curél®, Bioré®, Ban®, John Frieda®, Guhl®, and has operations across the Globe in North and Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

The European business identified a need to improve the way in which feedback was given and received in the business. The leadership team recognized that effective feedback is a vital ingredient to continuously improving business performance and engaged Developing People to develop and deliver a Pan European giving and receiving feedback training programme.

We developed the programme using business based case studies, scenarios and role plays to ensure that the learning was practical and real for the participants. The programme was successfully piloted in the UK, and then rolled out to France, Germany, Spain, where they were delivered in the local language. The programme was also run in the Netherlands in English.

What was the impact of our work?

Our work provided benefits to both the individuals who attended the programme and their teams, as well as the business; for example:

The use of feedback has been broadened across the European business.

  • Feedback is delivered in a more consistent way and aligned to the Corporation’s Mission, Vision, Values and Principles.
  • Managers and staff give and receive more feedback more readily and influence outcomes more effectively.
  • The training further developed a culture of giving and receiving feedback to improve business performance.

“You worked with us to understand the training needs and what we wanted to up skill the managers on as a result we managed to deliver a pan EU training offer that was well received by all. ” 

Jo Palmer, HR Manager