IBM Greenock

IBM Greenock has responsibility for worldwide fulfilment of customer orders for all of System X products, for the materials procurement and supply to support them and for the fulfilment of R.S.S. (Retain Systems Suppliers) orders to Europe and the Far East.

We have been working closely with the newly formed Executive team at IBM Greenock since 2006.

The client’s need was to move from the previous director’s charismatic, driving leadership style to a more, involving, democratic style and approach, without losing the performance and delivery focus and track record.


We used various support initiatives, including :

  • 1:1 coaching with the Executive Team Leader and with some of his high potential team members.
  • Facilitation and design of Executive team away-days combining business strategy updates, with leadership and behavioural style inputs, with issue and process management.
  • A review of the “matrix management” structures, communications and styles required to lead and coordinate an effective Global IT Fulfilment business.
  • Running an “innovations” workshop with the IBM internal coaches with the aim of improving employee engagement.

What was the impact of our work?

  • The new team has responded very positively to the new leadership style and has maintained effective business continuity.
  • IBM Greenock has taken on responsibility for new IBM Global Fulfilment work.
  • Delivery and performance measures hit or exceeded target across all lines of business for the first time ever.
  • IBM’s employment record in the locality has been maintained and in some areas improved.

” We recognise that DPL has a unique set of skills and experiences that work successfully for us, particularly because they provide an objective view to support and challenge us from outside the Organisation.”

Iain McGonigal 

IBM Greenock Executive