Geodis is a European Group with an international network of 23,000 employees in 120 countries.

Geodis provides supply chain solutions across distribution, logistics, air and sea freight and reverse logistics across a wide range of business sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, high technology, home and leisure and retail.

We have worked with Geodis since 2003 and have delivered a range of training and development programmes for different levels of managers to help them improve their managerial effectiveness. The programmes consisted of features such as:

  • Measurement of each manager’s performance and effectiveness before and after the programme.
  • A range of management skills/topics such as: self management and personal effectiveness, managing people and performance, managing relationships and managing resources and finances.
  • The managers working on real business issues through the duration of the programme, for example by working on business improvements projects.
  • TMS and MBTI psychometrics to help the managers understand their personal leadership style and how they could interact with others more effectively.
  • Best practice models and methodologies that delivered real value in the workplace.
  • Workshop activities, such as exercises, case studies, role plays and video feedback.

What was the impact of our work?

Our work provided benefits to both the individuals who attended the programme and their teams, as well as the business. For example:

  •  Better on time delivery of projects and business initiatives.
  •  Managers who are abetter able to manage their time and priorities.
  •  Improved management of performance and discipline of staff.
  •  Managers with greater influence and impact both internally and external to the business.
  •  More effective and productive team working relationships across the business.

Developing People have helped our managers to take greater responsibility and improve their confidence and performance. This has enabled a number of them to take on broader and more senior roles within the business. “

Jamie Cuthbert,  Managing Director Geodis UK