Galderma is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies within the UK. The business is focussed exclusively within the field of dermatology, with a portfolio of products that encompasses prescription products, over-the-counter medications and corrective and aesthetic procedures. Galderma is part of The L’Oreal Group, a leader in cosmetics and beauty: make-up, coloration and fragrances. The business recognised that there was a need to develop the skills and confidence of Regional Managers to manage the performance of their sales managers and teams more consistently and effectively. We therefore developed a best practice approach to performance management that enabled managers to consistently manage performance within the sales team. We also developed a bespoke performance management development programme to develop the skills and confidence of Regional Sales Managers to set clear and fair performance objectives, monitor performance and provide constructive feedback, have ‘tough’ conversations when necessary and hold their staff accountable and recognise and take proactive action against under performance. The programme consisted of a number of novel approaches such as:
  • Pre and post programme questionnaires to measure the performance and effectiveness of the intervention.
  • Practical tools and techniques to improve how the participants managed the performance of their staff and deal with difficult performance management situations.
  • Use of posters to engage the participants and communicate key messages rather than PowerPoint.
  • Real play case study scenarios using actors to allow the participants to practice their skills in a safe environment.
What was the impact of our work?
  • Our work provided the Regional Sales Managers and Galderma with a number of benefits including:
  • A more consistent approach to performance management across sales.
  • Regional Sales Managers are more confident and able to deal promptly with difficult performance issues (preventing them from escalating).
  • Improved sales performance and customer service.
“We particularly like how Developing People recommend how to extend the training skills achieved and keep them alive. Feedback session with the training department and then a half day feedback ‘surgery’ with the participants to share progress. We were so impressed with the training from Developing People that we approached them within 2 weeks of the Performance Management training completion to ask for further input into the whole sales team development at a national conference.” Debbie Woodward, Learning and Development Executive