First Wessex

First Wessex is a merger of 3 pre-existing Housing Associations into one larger group, capable of taking advantage of the economies of scale, resource and efficient knowledge sharing that this group can provide.

The three original Housing Associations covered a wide geography in Hampshire based around these regional businesses:

 Portsmouth Housing Association

 Atlantic Housing Association in Eastleigh

 Pavilion Housing Association in Aldershot

The needs of the organisation were to:

  • Help the Executive team design one vision and strategy to help the Group move forward.
  • Help the management team to maintain service standards, whilst successfully integrating the 3 different businesses.
  • Build the moral, motivation and performance of the workforce.
  • Develop and build a strong management team for the future.

 To fulfil the needs of the organisation, we provided support in the following areas:

  • Coaching for the Executive team and senior managers.
  • Running development centres to help assess the development needs and potential of key managers.
  • Facilitation and development of the new vision and strategic plans.
  • Guidance to help with staff development and performance.
  • The design and move towards a new culture.

 What was the impact of our work?

  • Clarity of direction and roles.
  • An integrated First Wessex team.
  • Growth in effectiveness and performance of services.
  • Saving of costs from less duplication of roles.

“The work that Developing People did was a critical activity for us, and their skills, experience and advice were excellent, and ensured that all involved felt positive about the process and outcomes.”

Peter Walters, CEO