DST Output

DST Output is the UK subsidiary of DST Systems Inc. a global provider of technology based service solutions that enable clients to grow their business and provide exceptional client experiences.  In the UK, DST Output provides a wide range of communication services from regulatory communications, marketing communications, direct print and mailing for a broad range of businesses to help them engage with their customers efficiently and effectively.  In the UK DST prints and mails over 3 million items daily, and sends countless e-communications, from a number of sites across the UK.

The business recognised the importance of its client experience proposition and wanted to ensure that it is able to consistently deliver that proposition, no matter who is involved or where they are located and transform the business’ ability from providing an accomplished client service to providing an outstanding client experience.

DST engaged Developing People International to deliver a comprehensive programme of development for 150 of its client facing staff to develop their skills, confidence and behaviour to provide an outstanding client experience.

To achieve the business’ objectives of improving its client experience we:

  • Developed a client experience proposition for DST that was distinctive and intentional in delivering DST’s proposition.

  • Used the client experience proposition as context for training staff so that the skills and behaviours that the business required were directly linked to the experience DST desired its clients to have.

  • Designed a programme of highly interactive training, discussion, case studies, group work and role plays tailored to optimise learning and maximise development.

  • Delivered a bespoke Client Experience Development programme for 150 client facing managers and staff consisting of 4 workshops covering a range of skills and behaviours.

  • Developed feedback mechanisms and a client experience scorecard to measure the impact of our work on the performance of the business.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of what constituted an outstanding client experience no matter where they were based in the UK.

  • Drive DST’s success by consistently creating a positive and memorable client experience from across the business.

  • Change their personal behaviour and approach to align it with DST’s client experience proposition.

  • Be more creative and innovative in finding new ways to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

  • Deal with tricky clients and turn around client complaints and dissatisfaction.

‘The client experience development programme delivered by Developing People International has had a significant impact on how our client facing staff perform and manage their client relationships.  This has started to influence the perceptions our clients have of our organisation and we are seeing increasing levels of business as a result.’

Nick Barbeary Client Experience Director