Chichester College

Chichester College is a leading provider of further education to 16-21 year olds. It takes in both local and overseas students and has an enviable reputation for high standards and achievements, especially in vocational subjects.

The College had identified a need to develop the leadership and management skills of its middle managers and to assess the potential of future leaders and managers and to draw up personal development plans to guide their growth and career progression.

We worked with the senior and middle management teams of the College, to help them to assess and benchmark their skills against a set of internal and external management competencies.

We ran a number of development centres for the College, to identify the strengths and development areas of all participants, helped them to draw up their individual personal development plans and to inform the College’s overall training and development plans.

We also worked with “real teams” within the College to help them improve their relationships, role clarity, direction efficiency and effectiveness.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Better leadership and management of the College and Curricula.
  • Clearer roles and career paths for key individuals within the College.
  • A cost effective focus on specific development plans for individuals and the overall training plan for College staff.
  • OFSTED standards maintained in most and improved in some areas.

“DPL worked flexibly with us to design and deliver these Development Centres to produce a mapping of each manager’s individual strengths and weaknesses and a new personal development plan. The success of this programme is reflected in a 20% improvement in the number of staff who believe they are well managed measured through our Staff Survey”

Shelagh Legrave, Chief Operating Officer