Alfa Aesar

Alfa Aesar is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of research into inorganic and organic chemicals.  Alfa Aesar is a subsidiary of the global company Johnson Matthey, who employ over 7500 people in 30 countries.

We have worked with Alfa Aesar since 2004 and have prepared and delivered a range of training and development programmes for different levels of managers to help them improve their managerial effectiveness.

The programmes consisted of features such as:

  • Measurement of each manager’s performance and effectiveness before and after the programme.
  • A range of management skills/topics such as: self management and personal effectiveness, managing people and performance, managing relationships and managing resources and finances.
  • The managers worked on real business issues through the duration of the programme, for example by working on business improvement projects.
  • TMS and MBTI psychometrics to help the managers understand their personal leadership style and how they could interact with others more effectively.
  • Best practice models and methodologies that delivered real value in the workplace.
  • Workshop activities, exercises, case studies, role plays and video feedback.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Supported the continued growth of the business.
  • Enabled the business to identify talent as well as those not suited to their role.
  • Better on time delivery of projects and business initiatives.
  • Improved management of performance and discipline of staff.
  • More effective and productive working relationships between managers across the business.