AgustaWestland, one of the largest helicopter companies in the world, producing rotary wing aircraft for both civil and military customers. Based in Yeovil, their manufacturing plant employs around 6000 people engaged in helicopter design and production as well as logistics support and training for a number of international defence programmes.

We developed a process to assess and validate the potential, motivation, strengths and development needs of around 70 managers against Westland’s own standards of competence as well as external benchmarks.

We provided professionally qualified assessors and development specialists to run a series of one day development centres where we used a range of profiling instruments, feedback tools and bespoke assessment techniques. Each participant subsequently received 1:1 feedback on the results of their assessments.

The outputs from each Development Centre were:

  • A summary report for senior management on the outcomes from the development centre identifying high potentials and key development needs across the group.
  • A detailed report for each participant detailing an assessment of their competencies against the job profile requirements, likely potential, key development needs and their performance benchmarked against managers from other organisations.

What was the impact of our work?

  • Independent, objective assessment and identification of managers with talent and high potential.
  • Career paths and ‘gateways’ for talent and high potentials identified.
  • Managers who were empowered and committed to developing themselves and improving their personal performance.
  • Independent assessment of the capability, strengths and weaknesses of specific management teams and more effective and productive working relationships within those teams.

“I have been impressed by the service delivered, which has been both flexible and professional.”

David Edwards, HR Manager