Given the number of emails we send (and receive!) everyday it is important that your message is clear and easily understood. Here are a few tips for effective messaging:

  1. Ask for something. All business writing includes a call to action. Before you write your email, know what you are asking of the other person(s).
  2. Say it up front. Make sure you don’t bury the purpose of your email in the last paragraph. Include important information in the subject line (so the reader knows what your email is about) and in the opening sentence.
  3. Be clear and explain. It’s probably safest to assume that your reader doesn’t know anything about the subject and therefore you need to include all pertinent information!
  4. But be brief. Ideally try and keep the length of your email in the window it will be viewed in. The other person is less likely to read it if they have to scroll down endlessly!
  5. Don’t copy in the world! Don’t use the dreaded ‘cc’. As stated above all business writing includes a call to action, so what does ‘cc’ mean? If you want the other person to be aware of your email, or just simply file it for future reference then forward it with a simple explanation in the subject line.

If you follow these five tips then you should improve your email writing and become an expert!