Pleasing clients is a no brainer in any business, and exceeding client expectations can make the difference between whether or not you win the next piece of work.  Use the following tips to go above and beyond what your clients expect and win their trust and business for a long time to come.

  • Beat the deadline.Getting work done ahead of time gives the client flexibility and more time themselves as well as demonstrating that you are efficient and client focussed. The key here is when agreeing to deadlines, choose ones you know you can beat.
  • Ask proactive questions. Clients appreciate it when you act as a true partner by demonstrating concern for the process as well as the result.
  • Know when to defer.Deference is important but too much of it positions you as ‘hired help’ rather than a business partner. Inspire confidence by acting in a supportive way, and proving yourself to be the competent expert you are.
  • Give feedback. Every process can be improved, and as an external expert you are in a unique position to provide feedback that can help them improve their business performance.
  • Give your time and advice for free. Add value where you can by giving additional time or advice for free.While you don’t want to be seen as a pushover, clients can find it very frustrating to be charged for things they thought they had already paid for.