Essentially management is the responsibility for getting work done – it is not about doing it all yourself.  Despite the personal benefits of delegation (reducing personal workload, encouraging responsibility and accountability in others etc.), managers often feel uneasy or anxious about it.  But as you develop your delegation skills you’ll see your fears dissipate and your staff gain confidence and grow more capable.  Overcome these common concerns:

  • ‘It will just be quicker if I do it myself.’ Ultimately the amount of time spent planning to delegate will be worth it. As employees’ sense of ownership and accountability grows, they’ll accept more responsibility and take more off your hands.
  • ‘There won’t be any controls.’  Just because you aren’t doing it yourself doesn’t mean that control doesn’t exist, it’s just that it sits with someone else.  Giving greater control and accountability to others will allow decisions to be made at the right level.
  • ‘But they won’t do it the right way!’ Instead of trying to dictate how the task is done, communicate the outcomes you want and leave the ‘how’ to the individual.  Invariably there is more than one way to do a job so be open to different approaches; you never know your employees might find a better way to get the same job done!
  • ‘What if I’m left out of the loop?’ Moving from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’ and being  accountable not just for yourself but for others is tough.  It can be hard to give up tasks you are good at (and probably enjoy). Instead focus your efforts on guiding and developing your staff.  You’ll still be involved, but in a different way.

If you wish to improve your delegation skills, then consider our 1 day in house Delegation Skills Course which will enable you to:

  • Recognise what should and shouldn’t be delegated.
  • Empower and develop individuals.