Most organisations are aware of the benefits that motivated, trained and capable managers can have on their business. These may range from driving improvements in bottom line performance to leading a challenging change programme. Most organisations have their ‘star performers’ but the key question is how can you ensure all of your managers deliver the same performance to your ‘stars’?


A manager at any level must have the relevant ‘know how’ to fulfil their role. This ‘know how’ may be, being able to motivate someone or hold them accountable for their work.  Whilst the fundamental skills managers need are similar across many organisations the context in which managers need to use these skills and operate can be very different.


This is a vital point as managers learn best when the management training is relevant to them. The key therefore to a successful leadership and management training programme is that it is tailored to suit the company as one size does not fit all!


So how may training company approach tailored training?


The following for example are a number of key points to consider:

  1. Consult with the organisation to understand fully what it is striving to achieve, the culture and style of the company, and the need for this particular training and development intervention.
  2. Understand the specific needs of the managers, the challenges they face on a day to day basis, and any previous skills training they may have received.
  3. Work with the organisation to ensure that any of the organisation’s ‘specifics’ are incorporated into the training.
  4. Prepare and tailor the training interventions to deliver the outcomes the organisation needs.
  5. Deliver an ‘end to end’ training service, from tailoring of training, supporting theapplication of learning through to measurement of impact.
  6. Use reinforcement systems to help the managers apply their new skills back at work
  7. Measure the impact of the training on the performance of the company to ensure the organisation has gained the necessary value from the investment made from the training.

Tailored management and leadership training courses will have a greater impact on the participants learning and performance of the business than open courses. Every organisation is different and this needs to be reflected in their management and leadership training programmes.