One of the basic human motivations is the need to have a high level of self esteem.  We all have pride in what we do, we want to know that we have done a good job and have a need to be appreciated and recognised for a job well done.

However, in today’s busy world with so many demands on our time we often forget to realise the impact of our behaviour.  How often do you recognise the efforts of your staff?  Complete the following questionnaire and find out how good you are at recognising your staff.

How often do you? Score
0 = Never 1 = Sometimes 2 = Always
  1. Make an effort to catch people doing the right things? (As opposed to criticising them for doing the wrong things).
  1. Say “thank you”?
  1. Praise someone for a job well done?
  1. Arrange for a letter or email to be sent to someone who has done a great job from your boss or MD?
  1. Buy bacon rolls, cakes, drinks, chocolates etc for your team?
  1. Use team briefings or meetings to publicly thank someone?
  1. Buy people a small gift that is personal to them?
  1. Use internal communications mechanisms (e.g. newsletter), to highlight employees achievements?
  1. Purchase them a case wine?  (This will remind them of what they did well 12 times!)
  1. Take your team on a night out to recognise the long hours they have had to put in recently?
  1. Present a certificate showing what an employee did well?
  1. Use depot notice boards to highlight achievements?
  1. Organise a day at the races, football, cricket etc?
  1. Give out badges or ribbons to staff?


Less than 10 – Shame on you!  It is a surprise that anyone still works for you!

11-19 – Ok you know that recognition is important, what else could you do to improve?

More than 20 – What a great boss, your team must really enjoy working for you!