Recruiting the right person can have a dramatic effect on your business, as can recruiting someone unsuitable who could cause real issues.  So how can you improve your chances of employing the right person when recruiting staff?


  1. Make up a detailed Job Description.
  • What does the job entail?
  • What sort of candidate you are looking for?
  • What is the main purpose of the job?
  • What will be their areas of responsibility?
  • What are the key tasks?
  • How many people will they supervise?


  1. Draw up a Person Specification
    • What knowledge, skills and experience will this person need?
    • What level of education will be required?

      Remember that these must only be of importance to the job and must be equally applied regardless of age, sex, race or disability.


  2. Advertising the job
    • Choose where you wish to advertise the job; local or national newspapers, consultants, job centre etc.
    • Make sure that the application form is clear and straightforward.


  3. The Interview
    • Prepare a list of initial questions.Open ended questions will encourage them to start talking and also avoid unwanted ‘yes or no’ answers.
    • Carefully review each application and make a note of any extra questions or queries you wish to ask an individual person. However, avoid asking questions not related to the job as some may be taken as potentially discriminatory (for example their plans for starting a family etc).
    • Ensure that there will be no interruptions during the interviews.


      It is vital therefore to ensure that managers who are involved in selection and recruitment have been trained and can demonstrate the necessary skills.  Recruiting the right person will help your team and organisation flourish, selecting the wrong one can cause real issues.