Sounds simple doesn’t it? Of course we all know how to communicate effectively or do we?

Follow these simple rules that I use and it will help you to communicate effectively at all levels and not only in the working environment!

  1. Choose the right time. Avoid discussions around finance or staffing issues late in the day, choose early morning when people are more alert.
  2. Remove any distractions such as the phone. Put mobiles onto silent and divert the office phone to someone else or put it through to answerphone.
  3. If the conversation is private then don’t hold it in an open office area.
  4. Organise your conversation in your head first. Think about what you are going to say.
  5. Be clear about what you are saying, don’t waffle or go off the conversation subject.
  6. Remember communication is a two way thing and learn to listen. Re-phrase some of the conversation to show you are listening and use active body language to back this up.
  7. Make your voice interesting, avoid being monotone.
  8. Eye to eye contact. Use this in your communications, be it on a 1:1 basis or to a group of people. Remember if you are communicating to a group of people don’t make contact with just one person.
  9. Remember humour is good! However be careful not to over use it as this can be seen as you not being serious about your conversation/communication topic or subject.
  10. Sometimes you will get a difficult question that you cannot answer, don’t get flustered, write it down and then say you will get back to the person.
  11. Breathe – yes remember to breathe and use this to your advantage. It allows you to emphasise some points, take a small break and it will help you to keep calm.

Remember communication is an effective tool but only when it is done correctly. Hopefully by following some of my tips above you will become a more effective communicator!

However if you are really serious about improving communication in your organisation then our Communication Fundamentals Course or our Communication Skills for Managers Course may be what you are looking for.