There have been numerous research studies such as the Chartered Management Institute’s Management Development Works: the Evidence, which proves the link between organisational success and investment in management training.  However, many organisations still do not make the necessary investment in management training to give their managers the skills and tools to do their job effectively.


A worldwide study of management practices and productivity conducted by the London School of Economics, McKinsey & Co. and Stanford University, found that one in 12 British firms were ‘very badly managed’.  The study of over 4,000 companies around the world blamed the poor performance of British businesses on a lack of management training and a high share of ‘traditional family firms’, where management positions were handed down to family members without appropriate training.

This can also be an issue with people newly promoted into their first ‘management’ position.  Quite often bosses promote the best performing team member but they won’t turn into the best performing manager without the appropriate management training, development and support.

Management training is essential for anyone taking their first steps into management.  It provides them with the skills, confidence, and tools to do the job.  As a minimum, newly promoted managers should be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

  • The basics of employment legislation and HSE law.
  • How to motivate and lead others effectively.
  • Building trusting relationships.
  • Managing performance and discipline.
  • Team development.

So do your managers have the skills and tools to do their job properly?  If your organisation is suffering from poor performance, low morale or high turnover, then the solution may be to provide your managers with the appropriate management training and give them and your organisation the best possible chance of success. Many organisations have found our Role of the Line Manager Course is exactly what is required to upskill their first line managers.