Resilience is that quality that allows some people to cope well with stress and trauma, and bounce back to their normal self very quickly. Rather than letting failure overcome them, they can even find positive meaning in a traumatic experience. But is resilience a quality that you can develop? We believe you can and there are things you can do to build resilience’s, for example:

  • Build close relationships with people, asking for help when you need it and offering others support when they need it.
  • Accept that some things cannot be changed, and focus on those that you can influence.
  • Develop realistic goals that are clear, specific and have a time frame and regularly do something that helps you to move towards them.
    • Try this exercise to help. On a piece of paper draw two concentric circles and write in the centre circle ‘direct control’, the next ‘indirect control’ and on the outside ‘no control’. Write down the things that worry you most in the appropriate circle and reflect on what you have written. How many have you written in the ‘no control’ area?
  • Take decisive actions when difficult situations arise rather than hoping they will go away.
  • Avoid seeing a crisis as an insurmountable problem – try to change the way you respond to it and focus on how the future may be better as a result.
  • Develop confidence in your ability to solve problems and trust your instincts.
  • Look for ways you can learn something about yourself when you are going through difficult times.
  • Maintain an optimistic outlook and expect good things to happen in your life. Try to think of what you want, rather than worry about what you fear.
  • Take small steps outside of your comfort zone to build greater confidence and resilience. For example, if you dread presentations and find them really stressful, build your confidence by giving a simple talk to a small group of people. This could be in the form of a training session, team brief or talk to a local church or voluntary group. Start to do them on a regular basis building up to larger and more complex talks and presentations and see your confidence soar!

While we all have different levels of resilience, these simple things will help anyone improve their resilience. Or consider our Building Resilience for Career Success 1 day in house course which enables delegates to build resilience and the cognitive, emotional and behavioural tools and techniques in order for them to succeed in the work-place.