Some people take a critical view of leadership development – it seems like a very negative, very harsh and perhaps even endless game of ‘chasing your tail’. But to understand your faults is only to know yourself better, and to appreciate that your faults exist is far more positive than to deny that there is anything wrong. Finally, to go one step further and engage in leadership development in order to actually reduce or remove those faults is a very noble pursuit that will be beneficial to not just yourself, but to those who work with you.

Are you pro-active in seeking solutions or do you only react when situations are pushed upon you? Do you speak more, or are you a listener? Do you have a good imagination? Can you create empowerment in those around you? Are you kind, or do you have a ruthless streak? These are all characteristics within our personality, our habits and our projected-self. Some of these can be changed more than others. Leadership development is concerned with identifying your weaknesses and one-by-one, proactively engaging in activities and experiences that will improve them. Perhaps your leadership style is too autocratic and you’re having difficulty delegating properly. Maybe you lack confidence when it comes to public speaking, which undermines the confidence of your team in your abilities. Whatever the weakness and whatever the issue, you can work to resolve it, and you can become a greater leader.

Leadership development is about moving you, inch by inch, along a personal continuum. At the beginning is a ‘rough’ management style –the one that came to your naturally. At the other end, is a perfected and optimised way of leading. Leadership isn’t just a way of speaking, or a manner of dealing with your team. It is truly about your overall approach to the world, and how you respond daily to it.

It is truly inspiring to work with someone who is committed to personal development and growth. Personal development is infectious – just like a smile! Once you can see for yourself that progress is possible even in some of the most set-in-stone characteristics in a person, you fully realise the true potential of personal development, and what it could hold for you.

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