Whether you are a line manager, boss, or a member of a team, giving feedback is a valuable technique that will enable an individual to understand the impact they have on other people.

Giving feedback can be difficult as you will often worry about how the other person will react to your feedback and you will naturally be concerned about them getting angry, upset or even aggressive.  It is important for all people regardless of their role to learn how and when to give feedback.  Our 1 day in house Giving and Receiving Feedback Course will develop the skills of your staff to Give and Receive Feedback more effectively and with confidence.

Below are some simple guidelines that if followed will reduce the likelihood of the other person reacting badly to the feedback you give:

  1. Remember feedback isn’t always about what someone has done badly or incorrect, it should also be used to reinforce things that have gone well.
  2. Always give feedback when it is fresh in your mind and also the other person’s mind. It is pointless giving feedback 3/6 months after the event has happened and more often than not the other person will not remember the event and wonder why it has taken you so long to give the feedback.
  3. Think about what you are going to say in advance, replay the conversation in your head.
  4. Give feedback in private not in the open office or in the canteen.
  5. Ask the views of the other person as they may well be aware of what you are going to tell them. For example, you could ask how did you think the meeting went?
  6. Only give feedback on what you observed, not on what you think you saw, or what you think people thought. Be specific about the details, who, when, where, how etc.
  7. Own the feedback. For example, I saw you, I heard you, I observed you…..
  8. Discuss the impact of their behaviour etc. For example, by turning up late for the meeting without letting us know it meant that the meeting did not finish on time.
  9. Agree with the other person what actions are needed.
  10. Remember especially when giving negative feedback you need to make sure the other employee still has your support and respect.

Whatever your role, giving feedback to others effectively is a valuable skill and the hints and tips provided above will enable you to give feedback in a more confident manner.